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super, super Cool. I got so into your music and I totally appreciate all of your incredible creativity with it! thanks so much!
Love your Camp Dina Happy video יישר כח
Hi, I was at the S2S Shabbaton where I saw you do your thing [some of]. I am absolutely blown away by your talent. What you do is so much fun and inspirational. My daughter [10] and I are listening to some of your stuff all week. As soon as I have abisel gelt I will buy some of it. Good Luck
Dear Elana, I just listened to your song "Tznius is cool". While I completely understand your intention and I believe your intentions are pure, I am concerned about the message that you could be sending. Popularity and bullying are very real issues in current schools, especially in girls only schools. Therefore, the message that being tznius will make you cool and popular is simultaneously saying, "if you don't dress this way, you will not be cool" which is harmful enough but it also idolizes the idea of popularity in general. Cliques, popularity and "being cool" are ideas that should be pushed out of schools, not encouraged. I wish you the best in your musical career. Best, Sarah Goldberg
WE LOVE YOUR SONGS!!!! And the fruit rap video had us all on the floor; it was so adorable! We're wondering how we can get Camp Mkdash into your schedule- we would love to make a Camp Mikdash cd for our special needs campers- that will really be a dream come true for us! Thanks so much! We're so excited that you're here in Sternberg... Camp Mikdash head staff :)
Elana, your fruit rap was delicious! Your voice, your talent, your kids, your sense of humor, the message, the creativity, the visuals, I don't know what to comment on first. The take home message I got was that you are leading a wonderful gorgeous Jewish family in harmony with each other and the One Above while growing your prodigious talents. Go, Elana. Glad and proud I knew you when..... Shepping nachas, Faigie Horowitz
alex, love it, love it love it! Tu b'shvat sameach mama!
That was awesome! You are soooo talented. Love the visuals, sound effects, music, humor. Looking forward to more! xo
Ya, I want to be your friend you made my day. check out my Facebook page. revive the tribe. there is an awesome women's event in Crown Heights tomorrow too bad you aren't apart of it! it is going to be outrageous! amazing talent!!!!!! all girls! maybe you want to come
Hey was up I remember u from camp bling bling bling lol Haha really u comin back next year any way I luv luv ur songs my parents get on there nerve how much I sing the songs haha any ways ur awesome gtg bb
I love your music!!! It makes me smile! This is REAL music!!!
I own your cd and it is awesome!!! First time seeing you live--awesome again! Looking forward to bringing the kids to the next performance...
It was an honor to lent my voice so you can get the flavor for three little monkeys you did a great job all the best
Love your fun frum music.
Well, I'm not surprised that Kidding Around is also great. Same simple, wholesome, happy style, same free-spirited fun all mixed together with Torah and mitzvos -- just the way it was meant to be. Same musical variety and catchy tunes. And same hilarious moments! Our favorites so far are Yu-huh and Oopsy-Doopsy. I was breathless with laughter at the peanuts story -- I've been to plenty of tishes and farbrengens and can fully picture it! Also love what you did with the monkeys song -- the way you reggae-ized it. Really works. My son loves the ending. He tells me, "Mommy, here comes the best part!" So please don't mind my riffing on your Fruit Rap, but "Thank you, Elana, for the music that you made ..."
Elana, I just bought Fully Halachic and am totally "blown away." What a sublime combination of gorgeous music and smart Jewish lyrics. I go from laughing to crying to goosebumps. The words and rhythms fit together like a glove -- and in such surprising ways. I also love the little touches like the American accent in the Aliyah song and the cuckoo clock in the Cleaning Lady song. Hilarious. So artistic and a joy to listen to. And your voice! My little ones and I can't stop listening -- they keep requesting the "Moshe and Shefa CD." But most of all, you've really captured the voices and issues and nisyonos of our girls and women these days -- and in such a relaxed style. I personally don't know of anything in the Jewish music world today or in the past that has this type of direct, real lyrics. Long overdue. I hope the CD catches on like wildfire in the girls' high schools -- I think if any music can make an impact on people, this music certainly can! Yasher kochech, Elana. Telchi me'chayil el chayil! Chantzie Waldman Meth
your website and your music ROCK!! wow, your bio is so interesting and ur music defiantly unique, i was smiling as i read your bio because i could totally see you saying everything that was written, i was laughing when i was listening to your music- fully halachic to the beat- because it reminds me of our good times in camp! ROCK ON! and keep bringing smile's to peoples faces.
Hey, I'm listening to Fully Halachic now. Awesome stuff! Stunning voice great lyrics.
Elana, we're loving it! I could make an al hamichiya on your voice, your songs.
My daughter is a senior in a Bais Yaakov in the Midwest. She has a very special teacher who leads a tznius club. Her teacher told the girls about your Tznius is Cool song. We just went on line together to listen and we were rolling. Thank you!
Gene Poole of THE NEW YORK TIMES SAYS: “I laffed, I cried…The most upbeat and original music ever! Buy an album for you, and another for your children or grandchildren. Play them and dance around with the kinderlach! Makes a great Chanukah gift.”
Elana, Sara Shira loved the CD!!! Of course, she sang and jumped along with the monkey song! After we finished listening to "Hello", she turned to me and asked,"Mommy, can we listen to it again? I really liked it!" Elana, we love your music! You are the best!!! Love, the Cohen Kids and their mommy
THE NEW YORK TIMES SAYS: “I laffed, I cried…The best, most original, upbeat music ever! Buy the albums, for you, your children, your grandchildren. Put them on and dance around with the kinderlach! Everyone loves it! Makes a great gift.”
Elana - you crack me up :) you have to add Camp Dina to your ever expanding bio!
This is great!! Can't wait to share it!!
Hi Elana; Wow, things are looking good. Hope all is well. Can't wait to hear everything and be in touch. All the best, Kova
I'm not orthodox, but I love a lot of orthodox music and this is one of them. Way to go, Elana, can't wait to sing along during car ride to take kids to school.
Hi, Elana! Thank you so much for sending me your songs. I loved listening to them. I missed seeing you skating and rapping. You're awesome! Keep it up!
Wow Elana I am so proud of you. I feel like it was just yesterday we were sitting in the office discussing your dream. May you continue to inspire others. Judy Abrams
elana you are amazing... kol hacavod! i especially like the song about the cleaning lady! : ) good luck. love naomi
mazal tov!! sounds great!
"A tour de force, that had me dancing in the isle" -Clive Barnes, N.Y. Post
Hi, Elana! It's great to see that you are alive, well and doing what you want to do. It's just too bad (from my point of view) that you're still in the US of A...What ever happened to your novel? Kiss your gorgeous kids for me, and give my regards to your husband. All the best, Briana
Hi Sissy, i'm so proud of you! This is super cool. I love your bio and Yes, I want to be friends. i'm still working on the PW Chabad! i'll refer him to the site.
AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING SONGS!!! I can't wait to buy the CD! This is some serious ladies jewish rock, love it!
Dear Elana, I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!! You are SOOO SUPER COOL!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 so excited that you are going to be performing at my chesed project concert. You're really funny and awesome and yes... i wanna be your friend :) <3 Love, Rebecca
You rock my world Elana!!!

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