"The Rope" is an hour-long musical that has been produced at girls' yeshivas in Passaic, NJ, Norfolk, VA, Indianapolis and South Bend, Indiana.  Malky's class goes on a tour of the Tanach Wax Museum, where statues of the women of Tanach are on display.  Malky thinks it's boring, falls asleep, her class leaves, and the statues come to life, singing and dancing what the women of Tanach taught us.  Will they manage to convince a modern-day Jewish teenager that their lessons are fresh and relevant for today?  Meaningful with a sense of humor, and refreshingly not--too-long!  To read a review copy of the script please contact Elana Greenspan.


The Jews are about to cross the Jordan River into Jericho, and the citizens of Jericho are scared!  Everyone has heard of all the miracles Hashem performed for the Jews.  The people of Jericho know they don't stand a chance!  The tavern owner, Rachav, is so impressed with the Jewish G-d, she decides to help the Jews conquer her city. 

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