Davening Recording Now Available!  Listen to the sample:



The recording now includes:

 Modeh Ani

Netilas Yadayim/Asher Yatlar
Elokai Neshama
Birkas HaTorah
Ma Tovu
Adon Olam
Morning Brachos
Baruch She'Amar
By ordering today, you will also receive the full Shemona Esray coming soon, along with a bonus track, Bentching After Meals.
To receive the MP3 download, please send $36 to PayPal alexawitt@yahoo.com, as friends and family to avoid a fee.  Or send $40 if to have a physical CD mailed to you in addition to the download.  That's for private use only.


If you are purchasing the recording for a school or other setting where it may be used in multiple locations, the institutional fee is $100 for unlimited use.
Suitable for all ages!

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