1. Be Aidel

From the recording Be Aidel


Fact: In turn-of-the-century Poland, Felician nuns systematically kidnapped Jewish girls to force them to convert to Christianity.
Serina is the story of one such girl.  Tortured by the nuns, Serina suffer amnesia and forgets she is Jewish.  She marries a Polish aristocrat, gives birth to a son, and then her Jewish family tracks her down.  But will Serina want her Jewish life back?
The modern message of the play is, no one is converting Jewish girls nowadays.  But, the culture all around us threatens to take us in. Which culture and values will WE choose to embrace?
"Serina, the musical" is two hours start to finish (including dances and intermission!) It has been produced in Passaic, NJ, Norfolk, VA and at Camp Dina, Stroudsburg, PA. The musical is based on the novel, "Serina," used with permission by Feldheim Publishers.
The exciting plot is enhanced 100 times by the powerful, original music.  To read a review copy of the script, please write to Elana Greenspan.