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Camp Videos!


  Shake your lulav!

Tis the season to be cleanin'!




Here's to Jewish unity and world peace:


Just for fun -- but, like, seriously? Me and my friend Sorah Shaffren did this musical public service announcement to help campers stomp out the moldy towel problem.


Camp Dina makes us SO HAPPEEEEE!


For one another camp video -- a parody of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" -- "Dina Girls...yeah, we know how to Behave!" email me and I can send you the super-secret, girls-only link!  (Would-be clients wishing to see more of my portfolio may also view the video, regardless of gender.)

Happy Tu Bshvat! Here's the Fruit Rap, sung by Zalman Krause.


I'm happy to promote a new video by Alexa Witt, "The Squirm!"



Click the pic to see my shtick at children's parties!



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